Episode 1 is going up

2015-12-31 04:05:17 by MrCoolimation

I've decided to finally upload Episode 1 of my show, "Reya: The Chosen Demon" on Newgrounds.

Let me establish something before you go check it out though. (Assuming you didn't already see it) I am aware the animation isn't exactly the best but it was uploaded and completed nearly a year ago, I know it doesn't seem like THAT long, but just look at my Episode 2 preview. You have to admit it took a dramatic change. So, please spare Episode 1 a bit. I don't want it to receive too much hate. I can accept specific critiques, but I don't appreciate comments that just bash on it as a whole. 

Aside from that, please enjoy the start of the show!

Future of my Newgrounds

2015-09-26 20:30:58 by MrCoolimation

So, I've been getting advice and I've been doing some thinking, and I've decided to let Reya's episodes air on Newgrounds along with other random animations. My Youtube will primarily be Reya, but I want to post my animations I make for fun on Newgrounds. Maybe a few of those will get on Youtube but I'm not sure. I hope you guys are looking forward to the episodes coming out! Thanks for watching the promo too! Take care

My Youtube

2015-01-18 11:50:14 by MrCoolimation

I am known as MrCoolimation. Although, I chose a really cheesy and dumb username for this website ^_^" 

But one thing I want to say is I am currently making an anime called "Reya: The Chosen Demon" and I will be uploading a trailer to Newgrounds. I already did on Youtube. But one thing I would like to point out is that the series will be uploaded to my Youtube channel, not my Newgrounds channel. The reason why that is is because popular series on Newgrounds are known to be stolen and uploaded to Youtube. Now I know that's not THAT big of a problem but I just need to make sure people know who the real creator is. Plus I don't wanna be known as "MrCooligrounds" but "MrCoolimation" so please visit my Youtube channel to see the series, but a trailer will be posted here on Newgrounds and a few sneak peeks as well.

Thanks so much and have a great day!

-MrCoolimation (A.K.A MrCooligrounds)

Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_vxe-IbmkmddJ16KfxEfrQ