Entry #3

Episode 1 is going up

2015-12-31 04:05:17 by MrCoolimation

I've decided to finally upload Episode 1 of my show, "Reya: The Chosen Demon" on Newgrounds.

Let me establish something before you go check it out though. (Assuming you didn't already see it) I am aware the animation isn't exactly the best but it was uploaded and completed nearly a year ago, I know it doesn't seem like THAT long, but just look at my Episode 2 preview. You have to admit it took a dramatic change. So, please spare Episode 1 a bit. I don't want it to receive too much hate. I can accept specific critiques, but I don't appreciate comments that just bash on it as a whole. 

Aside from that, please enjoy the start of the show!


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2015-12-31 08:18:56

I gave it a 5.


2015-12-31 08:18:58

I gave it a 5.