Future of my Newgrounds

2015-09-26 20:30:58 by MrCoolimation

So, I've been getting advice and I've been doing some thinking, and I've decided to let Reya's episodes air on Newgrounds along with other random animations. My Youtube will primarily be Reya, but I want to post my animations I make for fun on Newgrounds. Maybe a few of those will get on Youtube but I'm not sure. I hope you guys are looking forward to the episodes coming out! Thanks for watching the promo too! Take care


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2015-09-27 00:58:38

yo dont let anyone stop what ya be doing. that;s good though! just know you're capable of it and NG will be here and ya got something ready yo

MrCoolimation responds:

I really appreciate that! Thanks!


2015-09-29 02:00:36

It takes time, but posting stuff here will get you some notoriety after a bit. For one, you've now got people like me looking at your work. That happened because you posted here :)

MrCoolimation responds:

Yeah. I can understand there will be, "haters", but the way I see it, their critiques help me to improve my work.